Visiting Kualoa Ranch on the Majestic Oahu North Shore

Are you looking for a beautiful getaway on Oahu? Our travel experts at Discover Hawaii Tours can give you a passport to fun and relaxation when you visit Kualoa Ranch. This tranquil refuge is perfect as a wedding or event site, a family adventure destination, or just a place to get away from it all on the gorgeous Oahu North Shore. You can also use the ranch as a base for tours and excursions all over the island.

What Is the Ranch?


Kualoa Ranch
is a gorgeous ranch that has been owned by the same Hawaiian family for six generations. In ancient times it was a sanctuary for Hawaiian royalty who sent their sons and daughters there to be trained in the art of traditional culture. The name of the ranch means “long back,” referring to the dramatic mountain ridge that is popular with hikers. The ranch is open to visitors as a place to relax and unwind.

Activities at the Ranch

The ranch offers a whole variety of exciting activities, including fine dining at a selection of restaurants, family ATV tours, a petting zoo for the kids, horseback riding, ocean sailing, and a tour of the sites where many famous movies such as Jurassic Park and Hunger Games have been filmed. If you just want to lounge and enjoy the beautiful views, there are plenty of quiet spots as well.

What to Bring

What goes into your suitcase will depend on the adventures you choose at the ranch! Even if you’re arriving for a destination wedding, make sure to pack your walking shoes for a stroll in the hills or along the beach. Bring a good appetite for the famous grass-fed beef raised on the ranch. Mosquito repellent is also a great idea all year round.

Our travel professionals at Discover Hawaii Tours are here to help you find the hidden delights of Hawaii. To learn more about Kualoa Ranch and other historic sites, call us today at 808-670-3743.

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