Visit the Kaupo Store in Maui

A great thing about traveling is seeing unique places. While Hawaii is known for its gorgeous beaches and roaring waterfalls, not much mention is generally given to some of the unique stores here in the islands. And they don’t get much more unique than the Kaupo Store on Maui.
Located past the town of Hana, this old general store is set right on Highway 31 as you circle around Haleakala. Built back in the 1925 by Nicholas Soon, the store is situated just outside of the town of Kaupo. Walking into the store evokes a by-gone era. The shelves are filled with a variety of antique and vintage cameras. You might be led to think the store is a vintage camera outpost, however the cameras are not even for sale. The assorted cameras were all collected by Mr. Soon and used for portrait photography that he practiced as a hobby.

So what does the Maui Kaupo Store sell?

The Kaupo Store sells cold beer, sodas and ice cream to travelers. Nothing is better than sitting on the front porch of the Kaupo Store and enjoying a cold beverage or ice cream. Located right past Mile Marker 35, Discover Hawaii Tours outstanding Road to Hana tour stops here every weekday.

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