Video Shoot at Halona Blowhole

Carl Laugerbaum and I headed out to the Halona Blowhole lookout yesterday to meet up with tour guide Greg and his group on their South Shore trip around Oahu. Our mission was to talk with guests about their experience on tour so far and capture their responses on video. In short, it was a success!
The best part about this project is getting to meet our customers face-to-face and hear their opinions of our tours. 
Carl was the man-behind-the-camera for the shoot while the interviews were being conducted. Although the weather was predicted to rain (which it did on the ride home), we were able to shoot the customer videos without hindrance. Our favorite part? Getting out of the office and enjoying the sun! It was also a great feeling to meet our customers in person, because a lot of times my only contact with guests is on Facebook and Twitter.
The Halona Blowhole lookout area was recently renovated to install new guard railing. The blowhole itself is very dangerous, and the State of Hawaii wants everyone to be able to view the landmark from a safe distance.
On our way home (around 5pm) we caught the backside of Diamond Head, draped in a beautiful yellow sunlight and what looked like mist. Carl got out of the car to shoot some video of this gorgeous mountain scene.
All in all it was a fun experience and we’re happy to have met with some even happier guests on tour!

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