Video: Puu Oo Crater Lava Lake Collapses 2011

A lava lake in the Puʻu ʻŌʻō Crater on the Big Island of Hawaii recently collapsed with lava spilling out over the slopes, forming a branched flow that has yet to subside. Over the past few months, an active lava lake had been building up steadily. The United States Geological Society has been tracking the lake’s growth using thermal video technology. Check out the first lava video that shows the lava lake rising upward, filmed in Hawaii:

Stage 1: Lava Lake Builds Up

Volcanic activity at Kilauea is almost always active though not always in the public’s view. Luckily, the USGS just released a brand new timelapse video of the lava lake collapsing in a spectacular showcase of volcanic activity.

Stage 2: Lava Lake Collapses

Scientists say that the lava flow has flowed at Puu Oo Crater. However, the flow might last anywhere from days to months and, according to scientific observations, is most likely being fed directly from the rift zone below ground. In Just, the lava lake rose to over 30 feet above the crater’s rim. The lake’s floor was 170 feet below the rim. After weeks of lava build up, the crater collapsed under pressure, the lake floor dropped over 250 feet. Hawaii tour companies and visitors traveling to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park may be able to see these changes in the landscape.

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