Valentine’s Day In Hawaii

Just thinking about Valentine’s Day in Hawaii is enough to conjure images romantic kisses, tropical sunsets and floating hearts. If you’re actually planning a trip to Hawaii on or near Valentine’s Day, then chances are you’ve heard of the tradition of receiving or presenting Lei.
What you may not know is that this custom is centuries old and not limited to arrivals and departures. The Lei has an enormous cultural significance to the Hawaiian people and in ancient times was a representation of a person’s rank in the Polynesian society.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Hawaii

Today the Lei is used to celebrate many occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations and just about any other personal event. They may also be exchanged as a declaration of affection, friendship and welcome. Although typically thought of as being made of flowers, Lei can be made from leaves, seeds, shells or feathers but for Valentine’s Day flowers are the best bet. In most western cultures Valentine’s Day gifts are usually heart shaped, made of chocolate or colored red; but in Hawaii if you want to express love and devotion, you do it with a Lei. Valentine’s Day in Hawaii has the potential of being a slice of heaven. What’s not to love about Hawaii and when you share the Islands with someone you love, it can be magic.
If you have travel plans for Valentine’s Day in Hawaii, you must read our blog on romantic destinations on Oahu. You may also enjoy our honeymooner Pinterest board. Anyone of the Hawaiian Islands can be the perfect backdrop of affection and love may be found in so many ways. There’s just something about a waterfall or rainbow over the ocean that can bring out the poet in anyone. Our tours can be romantic interludes as well. Check out this honeymoon shot on tumblr taken by our guide on our Ultimate Circle Island Eco Tour. Relaxing on a mini coach tour with someone special while being driven to the most beautiful places on earth is romantic gem of an adventure. However you spend your Valentine’s Day in Hawaii we wish you love and leave you with this Hawaiian proverb.

“E lei no au i ko aloha” I will wear your love as a lei.

(I will cherish your love as a beautiful adornment.)

From Ōlelo No‘eau, Hawaiian Proverbs & Poetical Sayings, by Mary Kawena Pukui

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