Top 7 Best Biking Destinations Across Hawaii! Part 1

Hello and welcome to part 1 of the “Top 7 best biking destinations across Hawaii!” tour guide! This guide, as provided by Discover Hawaii Tours, will supply you with a fascinating look into the sorts of sights and experiences you can expect along a Hawaii volcano bike tour. There are so many different types of vacation bike tours and an incredible amount of content to cover. It would be simply impossible to mention them all, but listed below you will find some of the most popular tourist biking hotspots.


1. The Waikiki Beach- Tourists heading out on a biking tour should absolutely make a tour stop through the Waikiki Beach. This hub of Hawaiian nightlife is known for many things-From its incredible restaurants, to its fabulous shopping and tourism options. It is hugely popular among the surfing culture, and is conveniently located to many great locations like the Waikiki zoo and aquarium.

2. The Kualoa Ranch- The Kualoa Ranch, also known as the “Ridged Mountains” in ancient Hawaiian, is one impressive Hawaiian biking tour destination that you simply won’t want to pass up. Famous for the many box office movie titles that were filmed on location, the Kualoa Ranch is one of Oahu’s most coveted travel spots. Not only is it a functioning cattle ranch, but it is also a hub for rich Hawaiian history and culture. It is conveniently located near Chinaman’s Hat and the Hakipuu Valley, so touring through the area’s most profound locations is quick and simple!

3. The Ko’olau Mountains- Commonly referred to as the most dominant geological feature of Oahu, the Ko’olau Mountains are home to many scenic points, such as the Nuuanu Pali Lookout. Bikers who make an effort to stop through this fantastic location won’t be disappointed. They will sight-see once in a lifetime locations such as the Likeke Falls, the Waimea Falls, the Kaneohe Bay, and even the renowned La’ie Point! Don’t miss out on the action, add this destination to your tour list and be a part of the fun.

This is just the start of what Discover Hawaii Tours has to offer. They boast an unrivalled tour package roster, with custom visitation routes and destinations that are tailored to your specific interests. For more information and vacation bike tours, be sure to visit the homepage,, and don’t forget to check out part 2 of the “Top 7 best biking destinations across Hawaii!” tour guide!

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