Vacation Advantages To Tours Of Oahu

The best way to get a feel for the different personalities of Hawaii’s islands is to take a trip around them. Tours of Oahu will have you feeling like you’ve been on the island for years!

Tours of Oahu

The best time to take tours of Oahu is at the beginning of your trip. Seeing the island’s best spots when you first arrive will allow you to think about all the amazing things you saw and leave you with time to go back to your favorites before you leave. While renting a car is a good way to have freedom to explore the island, it can be quite costly. Not only is gas expensive here, you have to pay the hotel overnight for parking.
It may be better to rent a car for only the second half of your trip. You’ll most likely find things you want to do and places you want to go once you get here, aside from the plans you already made. If you’re staying in Waikiki and want to hang at the beach, take a surf lesson, or just relax by the pool, you won’t even need to use the car!

Different experiences on tours of Oahu

Touring the island is the best way to get a feel for the island, but how do you want it to feel? Everyone has different interests and ways they want to experience Hawaii so we made different tours of Oahu.

Experience Hawaii’s outdoors on eco-tours of Oahu

Skipping major commercial stops is a great way to experience the island with a country feel. Swim at the majestic Waimea Falls and enjoy lunch at an ancient Hawaiian fishpond. Best part, lunch is included! Check out the swim stop at Waimea Falls:See North Shore beaches, scenic lookouts, and much much more! Check out all the stops you can see on eco-tours of Oahu.

Visit Pearl Harbor and take a circle island tour

Pearl Harbor is Hawaii’s most popular attraction. With over 4,000 people per day making their way to monuments like the USS Arizona, USS Missouri, and the Pacific Aviation Museum.
Start your day off visiting the war museums of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and the USS Arizona Memorial. Head up to the Dole Pineapple Plantation and try some world famous “Dole Whip” before stopping to see the turtles of Laniakea Beach. Find out more about all the fantastic stops you can see on tours of Oahu that visit Pearl Harbor.

Experience the flavors of Hawaii after tours of Oahu

Did you know you can even end your day on tours of Oahu at a Hawaiian luau? You totally can! All the excitement of seeing the island’s best spots culminates at the dinner show and a traditional Hawaiian feast.
Enjoy an evening at Chief Sielu’s South Shore Luau or experience the magic of Polynesia during the “Ha: Breath of Life” dinner show at the Polynesian Cultural Center! This look at tours of Oahu should help ease your mind about what to do on your vacation. We hope you join us on tour! As “Ambassadors of Aloha” we love to share our love for Hawaii and the Aloha Spirit. For more vacation ideas, travel tips, tour highlights, insights into activity, and everything else Hawaii, check out our Hawaii Travel Blog. Aloooooha!

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