USS Missouri Battleship Tour

The USS Missouri Battleship in early January of 1944 was having the finishing touches put on by the workers at Brooklyn’s New York Navy Shipyard. Later that month the mighty ship that would sail right into the middle of World War II and earn a well-deserved place in world naval history. Launched on January 29, 1944 and commissioned under the command of Captain William M. Callaghan on June 11, 1944 the USS Missouri was the third Navy ship to bear the name of the Show Me State and her legacy is today carried on by a Virginia class submarine of the same name. Although her service in WWII was relatively brief, her power was felt many times as she engaged in tough battles off the coast of Japan. It was in one of those clashes, on April 11, 1945, that she was struck by a Japanese Kamikaze plane on her starboard side and the dent is still visible. Little damage was done (except for the Japanese plane and the pilot who was killed) and no American lives lost.  This incident and the USS Missouri’s history of battles helped earn the ferocious ship her nickname “The Mighty Mo”.

That famous battle in the waters northeast of Okinawa would be the last major battle of WWII and in just four months the “Mighty Mo” would sail into Tokyo Bay where history would again be made as the Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu would sign, on behalf of the Japanese Emperor and the government of Japan, the instrument of surrender officially ending WWII.Known as the last battleship to ever be built in the U.S., the USS Missouri continued to serve and protect the United States of America until 10:00am on Tuesday March 31, 1992 when she was decommissioned at Pier Echo of the Long Beach Naval Shipyard.

Unforgettable Historic Battleship Tour

A tour of this legendary ship is a remarkable experience for any visitor to Hawaii. This great ship is not just a United States treasure but a monument to be experienced by anyone who has ever heard of WWII. Lead by an historical ships’ docent, our “Battleships of World War II Tour” is the most comprehensive excursion to this impressive memorial and includes a 30 personal guided tour of her decks. Walk in the footsteps of history as you marvel at her nine 16 inch cannon-like guns which were last fired in 1991 off the coast of Iraq. Further down the same deck you’ll view the Plaque commemorating the surrender of Japan to end World War II and get to stand in the same spot where the instrument of surrender was signed in 1945. After the guided tour you’ll have ample time to explore the ship on your own and there is so much to see. Subsequent to visiting this incredible floating memorial museum and listening to the narration of our expert guides, you’ll come away with an enhanced understanding of the events that occurred in Hawaii both at the beginning of World War II and at the end.

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