USS Missouri Battleship Makes Blockbuster Film Debut

The story of the USS Missouri battleship remains true to heart in the new international blockbuster Battleship. Released this past weekend in the United States, the movie is not necessarily a tribute dedicated to the ship, but definitely pays homage to the Missouri’s history and legacy.

The USS Missouri in Battleship

In the movie, the Pacific fleet is destroyed by aliens and survivors regroup at Pearl Harbor to reactivate the last remaining battleship (USS Missouri) and head into battle. This plot element actually happened in 1984 when the ship was recommissioned and outfitted for modern naval warfare. The film stars Rhianna, Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgard, and was directed by Peter Berg. The movie was filmed mostly in Hawaii on Oahu and Maui, and had a budget of $200 million. Based upon the classic board game, Battleship has some common similarities, and brings new elements to the movie. With aid from veteran sailors to get the battleship ready for action, the USS Missouri winds up on the forefront of the action, attacking the alien forces head on. In the movie’s production, many of the action sequences were filmed aboard the USS Missouri battleship and featured actual U.S. Navy sailors, as well as actors. In 2010 the USS Missouri battleship took a “field trip” and went out to sea for the day for filming.

Other features of the USS Missouri battleship

This is not the first time the USS Missouri battleship has been featured in film. In 1989, Cher filmed her smash music video “If I Could Turn Back Time” aboard the USS Missouri. Then in 1992, the action movie “Under Siege” starring Steven Segal and Tommy Lee Jones also featured the USS Missouri battleship. Filming and production took place aboard the decommissioned USS Alabama for this movie as well.

The USS Missouri’s celebrated history

The USS Missouri battleship is possibly the most celebrated vessel in the history of the U.S. Navy. Commissioned in 1944, she dominated the Pacific theater during World War II, fighting in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Her massive guns shelled Japanese bases, and the signing of Japan’s formal surrender took place on her deck on September, 2 1945 in Tokyo Bay. She then went on to fight in the Korean War, and was the first battleship to enter Korean waters to provide tactical support for aircraft carriers. The USS Missouri battleship did two tours of duty in Korea before being relieved as flagship of the fleet. After her service in the Korean War, she was decommissioned in 1955.
The USS Missouri called the Naval Reserve Fleet in Bremerton, Washington home for nearly 30 years before being called back into action. She was recommissioned in 1984 under the Reagan Administration’s “600 Ship” naval initiative to match the might of the Soviet Union’s navy. She underwent modernization and was outfitted with missiles, sophisticated radar and communications, and given electronic warfare capabilities. With these new armaments, the USS Missouri headed to the Persian Gulf and protected both American and Kuwaiti ships in 1991. Serving in three wars earned her 11 battle stars, the nickname “Mighty Mo” and the reputation as America’s toughest naval vessel.

Want to have a real life Battleship experience?

The USS Missouri battleship was one of the most formative instruments in U.S. military history, and she is waiting for you to visit! Now a museum ship at World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument in Oahu’s Pearl Harbor, tours of the USS Missouri battleship run daily. One of the many popular attractions located at Pearl Harbor, you can have an incredible experience exploring the decks and learning about what it takes to put the might in “Mighty Mo.”Tour the decks of “Mighty Mo”
With a history as exciting as this, who wouldn’t want to visit the USS Missouri battleship! The museums and memorials of Pearl Harbor is Oahu’s most visited attraction. In one day you can experience the war from beginning to end by visiting the USS Arizona Memorial where the surprise Japanese attack thrust America into World War II, and stand aboard the USS Missouri where the Japanese formally surrendered. Taking a tour of the USS Missouri is fun for the whole family and a great way to create lasting memories on your vacation! Thank you for reading, Aloha!

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