What Trips From Oahu Does Discover Hawaii Tours Offer?

Discover Hawaii Tours offers several incredible trips from Oahu. First, we offer the One-Day Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure Tour from Oahu, which is a very popular and fascinating tour. Departing from Oahu and arriving in Big Island, you will explore the world’s most active volcano, Mount Kilauea. Included in this tour is admission to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a trip through the mesmerizing Thurston Lava Tube—a naturally formed tunnel—and a trip to the Kilauea volcanic steam vents, which are hot and active! You will also explore the Big Island Black Sand Beach and the beautiful Rainbow Falls, each of which will dazzle you and leave you with a long-lasting memory. Trips From Oahu

            If you enjoy experiencing Mount Kilauea from the ground, consider viewing this powerful force of nature from the air! Discover Hawaii Tours offers the Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure and Helicopter Tour from Oahu that will allow you to do just that. From above, Mount Kilauea is a completely new experience, and you will have aerial views of lava flows that are not visible from the ground.
            The Ultimate Circle Island Eco-Adventure is a wonderful way to discover the hidden treasures of Oahu that very few tourists have the opportunity to explore. You will visit beautiful beaches, hike through lush, green rainforests, spot cascading waterfalls, and enjoy local Hawaiian food. If you enjoy the luxury of private beaches and prefer an authentic Hawaiian experience, consider the Adventures of Hidden Hawaii Tour. On this tour, you will uncover hidden waterfalls, spot exotic flowers, plants, fish, and wildlife, and enjoy a trip to the beautiful Waimanalo Beach. For the active, kayaking on the Pacific Ocean is a must, as is snorkeling along the coast of Oahu in one of Hawaii’s top snorkeling destinations.
            Another fantastic and essential Hawaiian experience is the Road to Hana. Discover Hawaii Tours’ Road to Hana Eco Adventure Tour from Oahu is a fantastic experience for the entire family. Traveling the Road to Hana is certain to be one of your most treasured Hawaiian experiences as it twists and turns through vibrant rainforests, rushing waterfalls, golden beaches, and alongside a dormant volcano. Though the trip is long, this experience is still ideal for the entire family as the trip’s pace is quick and always intriguing. Plus, there are plenty of chances to stop along this highway for pictures, snacks, and exploration. Give us a call at 808-670-3743 for more information on trips from Oahu or to book your tour.

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