Treasures of the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet – Part 1

A great story from the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet!Throughout the week of February 6th, I was lucky enough to have a couple of my closest friends from the Mainland come to visit me in Hawaii. During the weekend of February 11th and 12th, we went to the North Shore of Oahu, ate at many of our favorite local restaurants, surfed and swam at White Plains Beach, and went to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.Now, it had been well over a year since my last visit to the Swap Meet, and I wasn’t too thrilled to go in the first place (I wanted to go to the beach!), but I came away the big winner for the day.While my friends were looking for their Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs, my girlfriend and I set out to look for a couple of things for our house, have some fresh local fruit, and kill some time before the beach. During our trip around Aloha Stadium, my girlfriend ended up with some great scrubs for work (she’s a nurse), and I found the find of all finds: a 1948 National Hollow Body Acoustic Guitar!What an amazing find, simply because in no way, shape, or form was I expecting to actually find something I wanted this badly. Not only is this particular guitar an amazing instrument and sounds beautiful, but all of my musician friends are quite jealous. And let it be known that they are all much better musicians than I am.

Here’s a little secret that I am going to let you in on: there are actually 2 sections to the swap meet: the inner partial circle, and the outer full circle. Along the outer circle are the gifts, souvenirs, and local food vendors. Around the front of the stadium is an inner circle that features locals selling their unwanted items in a garage sale type shopping experience. It is there that I found the guitar that I would soon take home for $100.00, talked down from $150.00, which goes to show that you must haggle! So take my advice, when on our Pearl Harbor and Aloha Stadium Swap Meet Tour, take a walk around the inner circle, because you never know what you might find (including a massive generator, that I think I need but have no idea what I would use it for). You can book your seats on our Pearl Harbor and Aloha Stadium Swap Meet tour here. Hope to see you hunting (and finding) treasures when you’re in Hawaii!

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