Touring The Heart Of Hawaii On The Road To Hana

Dreaming of discovering what Hawaii is really about on your vacation? There is a place where the mountains meet the sea, where life is beautiful and moves slower than the busy bustling sidewalks of Waikiki. The Road to Hana is waiting for you to discover the heart of Hawaii!

The Road to Hana

Carving its way through lush valleys and along the steep coastal slopes of Haleakala, the Road to Hana is unlike any other drive in Hawaii. Over 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges make it one of the most tricky to drive, and the scenery is nothing short of stunningly spectacular.

Why you should tour the Road to Hana

Aside from it being one of the most winding roads in the country, it’s hard not to get distracted! Taking a tour of the Road to Hana will let you sit back and enjoy the view the whole time. It’s also about the journey, the experience of taking the Road to Hana. Our guides love Hawaii and are passionate about sharing their Aloha Spirit! Don’t just see the amazing places that make the Road to Hana so special, learn about why they’re so special. It’s the little things that really help make experiences unforgettable, and it’s especially true for a tour of the Road to Hana!

Black sand beaches

Have you ever experienced the sensation of black sand between your toes? It’s extraordinary! Thick and coarse grains don’t blow around in the wind and it gives the water an even deeper turquoise color. Truly amazing! The surge of waves onshore seems disappear quicker than at a normal beach. It’s like the water falls through the sand before returning to the sea, you have to see it to believe it! Enjoy a delicious local lunch and take a swim at Maui’s famous Waianapanapa State Beach! It will surely be one of the biggest highlights of your trip!
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Discover the heart of Hawaii on the Road to Hana!

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