Top 5 Hawaii Honeymoon Tips

So, you’re getting married in Hawaii, but what happens next? Here are 5 Hawaii Honeymoon Tips that are certain to start your happily ever after. The diverse experiences offered in Hawaii will provide your honeymoon with what you and your new spouse need to kick start the romance of your new life together. You can find seclusion on a deserted beach during the day and hit the exciting epi-center of Waikiki nightlife after the sun goes down.

Hawaii Honeymoon Tips

1. Try not to drive

Even though you might be armed with the latest smartphone app or with a GPS unit, it’s still may not be enough to fend off lover’s quarrels after getting lost. The last thing you want to be doing on your honeymoon is fighting. If you take tours in Hawaii or use The Bus you’ll save yourselves some agony and have more time for romance.

2. Have a plan

You don’t have to be so detailed that you slot in time for bathroom breaks, but talk about what are the must-do’s and which days to do them. Even if you decide to have an unstructured day, it is still structured that way so you both know to expect nothing, just be flexible for things to change. Check out this Hawaii Travel Guide to get a better idea of what you want to do.

3. Do everything together

Enough said.

4. Go island hopping

Try to see at least one other island while you’re there since its fairly cheap and very fun. Try checking out these Island hopping tips to get an idea which island to visit.

5. Take a circle-island tour

Last tip is the first thing you should do when visiting Hawaii for the first time: get a feel for the whole island by going on the Full-Day Circle Island Oahu Eco-Adventure Tour, then you can determine which areas to spend more time at later.

How will you honeymoon?

Use these Hawaii Honeymoon Tips to determine if you’re the couple that will be going non-stop from adventure to adventure or the couple that will just relax and not leave the beach. Either way, if you use these guide lines, your first few weeks of marriage are bound to be full of romance and beautiful memories that will solidify your love. Need more tips, click here.

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