Top 5 2012 Holiday Travel Ideas For Hilton Hawaii Hotels & Resorts

Need ideas for what to do while staying at Hilton Hawaii Hotels & Resorts for your Hawaiian vacation this holiday season? We have the answers for you! Here’s our top 5 holiday travel ideas for guests of Hilton Hawaii Hotels.

Hilton Hawaii Hotels Holiday Travel Ideas

1. Catch some live local music at Tropics Bar & Grill or the Tapa Bar

Hawaii is one of the few places that has it’s own language and music styles. Take an evening to relax, have a cocktail, and watch a spectacular Hawaiian sunset while enjoying the soothing melodies of Hawaiian music.
The Tropics Bar & Grill and Tapa Bar of Hilton Hawaii hotels has entertainment every evening that will really set the mood for the best vacation ever! For times and performers, check their music calendar.

2. Make a friend who has fins on a snorkeling adventure!

As a tropical wonderland filled with many ways to make a splash on vacation, Hawaii is home to some of the funnest aquatic activities under the sun. Our favorite for Hilton Hawaii hotels would have to be snorkeling with dolphins and turtles.
Hop in and head out to Oahu’s idyllic west shore where the water is calm and clear and get ready to experience Hawaii’s marine habitats. Spinner Dolphins, Green Sea Turtles, reef fish, and even the occasional octopus are all waiting for you to jump in and play! Best of all you’ll get picked up from Hilton Hawaii hotels!

3. Get some “Chicken Skin” while listening to Hawaiian ghost stories

Home to haunting myths and supernatural stories, Hawaii is rich with ancient legends that can raise the hair on even the thickest of skin. What many call “goosebumps” we call “chicken skin” because you’ll feel like a chicken after hearing such spooky stories!
Every Wednesday at 6:00pm at the Tapa Bar for haunting stories blended with cultural history of Hawaii for an exciting way to spend the evening as a family.

4. Experience Oahu on a circle island tour

One thing Hawaii is known for is having great tours. It’s almost a pastime. If there’s 1 tour to take while staying at Hilton Hawaii hotels it’s a circle island tour.
Experience the best parts of Oahu in one day, whether it’s exploring the cultures of the South Pacific and having a Hawaiian barbeque lunch at the Polynesian Cultural Center or swimming at a breathtaking waterfall on the fabled North Shore. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to win!

5. Catch the FREE Waikiki Beach fireworks show

Every Friday night the sky above Waikiki Beach gets lit up with a bang by a FREE fireworks show! Shooting high above the hotel skyline from the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon, Hilton Hawaii hotels hosts the show and has one of the best vantage points in all of Waikiki Beach, so get ready for an amazing show!
Check out this post for more details on the Waikiki Beach fireworks show. We hope this guide helps you have a great time staying at Hilton Hawaii hotels! Aloooooha!

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