‘Tis The Season For North Shore Tours

One of the most famous things about Hawaii is surfing. Oahu’s North Shore is the epicenter of the surf world with flocks of experienced professionals and daring rookies making the journey to Hawaii for the seasonal winter waves. Want to check the waves? North Shore tours will take you to the heart of the action! Yesterday’s early big-wave swell signaled an unofficial start to the winter surf season with wave heights reaching 20-feet in the face. With swells just around the corner, here’s a look at why North Shore tours are a great addition to your vacation.

North Shore tours will take you to the heart of the action!

Dubbed “The Seven Mile Miracle” because of the dozens of world-class surf spots located so close together, Oahu’s North Shore Beaches like Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Sunset Beach are the breaks many surfers dream of riding one day. Even for those who don’t surf, spectating from the beach is quite exciting as you never know if they’re going to make it to the end of the wave.
Since first being surfed in the 1950′s Oahu’s North Shore beaches have had a mystical allure to them, drawing surfers and spectators alike to witness the raw fury and power of Mother Nature. See these places “go off” on North Shore tours during a big winter swell and get vacation photos like never before! Not only do North Shore tours visit these legendary beaches, they explore Oahu’s country side. Stopping at places like Tropical Farms, Kualoa Ranch, and seeing historic Haleiwa Town, North Shore tours will show you what Hawaii has to offer outside of Waikiki will be the highlight of your vacation!

Join us on North Shore tours!

Ready to see the tanned skin daredevils of the North Shore? So are we! Join us on North Shore tours and see what Oahu has to offer beyond the shadows of Waikiki’s hotels. Better yet, pair your visit to Oahu’s North Shore with a visit to Pearl Harbor or the Polynesian Cultural Center and have a complete Oahu experience! Alooooha!

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