‘Tis The Season For Hawaiian Chocolate

It’s been a few months since our friends at Manoa Chocolate delighted the winners of our Shaka Summer Photo Contest. Sharing their aloha with handmade Hawaiian chocolate as part of the care package prizes we gave to 4 lucky winners, Manoa Chocolate is working hard to cultivate a Hawaiian chocolate following.

The most “Ono” Hawaiian chocolate

With a recent Kickstarter fundraiser to help purchase new equipment, Manoa Chocolate raised over $18,000 to make even more of their delicious gourmet chocolates. And the new chocolate grinder and tempering machine are coming just in time too! With Thanksgiving this week, and the holiday season gaining momentum quickly, orders from as far as the Netherlands are pouring in and they are up to their necks in chocolate… Lucky them!

‘Tis the season for Hawaiian chocolate

Our friends at Manoa Chocolate are working hard to share their delicious Hawaiian chocolate with the world. From bean-to-bar, and handmade with love and aloha, Manoa Chocolate would make a great holiday gift for someone with a sweet tooth. Needing some Hawaiian holiday gifts? Our gift shop is a great place to find that special something from paradise with the people you love. Craving Hawaiian chocolate and more tropical treats? Our “Hawaiian Foods & Fruit” board on Pinterest will satisfy your cravings!
Be sure to visit our Hawaii Travel Blog throughout this holiday season for more tips and ideas for a winter holiday in Hawaii! Aloooooha!

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