Tips on How to Pick, Prep, and Roast Your Own Coffee Beans

When we visited the Shim Coffee Farm in Kula, Maui last month, farmer Casey Shim greeted us with a big, friendly smile. He wanted to share his knowledge of processing organic coffee with us.
His one-man farm operation keeps Casey busy throughout the summer. He’s got a thorough operation at his farm, and the results he produces with Maui-grown coffee are simply delicious.Here are a few of his top tips to make coffee at home with homegrown coffee plants. (This is not a step-by-step guide; you’ll have to meet with Casey Shim and take a Maui coffee farm tour for the complete directions!)

Picking Coffee Berries

Tip #1: Pick only ripe, bright red coffee berries. Tip #2: Pick from top to bottom on coffee trees. Tip #3: Pull beans toward you as you apply pressure to pick off the branch.

Pulping Coffee Beans

Tip #1: Remove all leaves, twigs, green beans before processing berries in a hopper, or pulp-removing machine. Tip #2: Once pulped, fill a bucket with water and use a screen scooper or colander to filter out bad beans and debris

Fermenting Coffee Beans

Tip #1: After pulping, fill a bucket of coffee beans with water. Tip #2: Let sit for 12-24 hours, you’ll notice some bubbling

Rinsing Coffee Beans

Tip #1: This step is easy, just repetitive. Use a colander or screen to filter out debris, etc.

Drying Coffee Beans

Tip #1:Always spread beans out evenly and leave it in the sun. Tip #2: Avoid rain at all costs! Tip #3: Be patient, drying beans could take 2-3 weeks.

Hulling Coffee Beans

Tip #1: You definitely need a bucket to catch the hulled beans from a hopper.

Winnowing Coffee Beans

Tip #1: What’s winnowing? Separating the good beans from the leftover debris

Roasting Coffee Beans

Tip #1: At home, a stovetop method works OK Tip #2 (recommended): Take beans to a professional roaster.

Enjoying Coffee

Tip #1: Inhale, Sip, Relax! Tip #2: Treat friends and family to a surprise gift by packaging your coffee beans!

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