Tips For Thanksgiving In Hawaii

Spending this Thanksgiving in Hawaii? Here’s some helpful tips whether your vacationing during the holiday or if you just want to put a tropical twist on this delicious holiday.

Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Thanksgiving is about spending time with family, being thankful for the things and people in your life, getting ready for the holiday season, and of course a delicious turkey dinner!

Dining Out

But if you’re vacationing, you’re probably not going to be able to cook up a feast, so here’s some restaurants serving a warm turkey dinner:
  • Check your hotel restaurant to see if they are having a Thanksgiving dinner buffet. For example, the Moana Surfrider Hotel will be serving a gourmet dinner buffet in an upscale setting.
  • Buca di Beppo will be serving Thanksgiving dinner with an Italian twist.
  • Tiki’s Bar & Grill will be serving a Hawaiian style Thanksgiving dinner and will have live local music, for a delightful Thanksgiving afternoon.

Eating In

If you’re staying in a vacation rental and have access to a kitchen, pickup a whole meal and enjoy a nice dinner in the comfort of where you’re staying.
  • Safeway grocery stores of Hawaii have complete turkey dinners to be reheated, and come with plenty of sides and dessert.
  • The Hyatt Regency Waikiki will also have delicious turkey dinners available for pickup and come complete with all the fixins’.
  • If you’re staying on the Big Island, the Hilton Waikaloa Village also has turkey dinners for pickup.

Adding a dash of the tropics to your Thanksgiving in Hawaii

If this is your first Thanksgiving in Hawaii, you may want to add some tropical flavors. Here’s some great ideas on how to add a dash of Hawaii to some classing Thanksgiving dishes.
  • Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes – Use local sweet potatoes and cover them with marshmallows. Sprinkle with Sugar in the Raw on top for a crispy brulee.
  • Haupia – Add this local dessert to your list of things to make for a real feeling of Thanksgiving in Hawaii.
  • Local Wine – Bring some local Hawaiian wine to the table, or some Maui Pineapple Wine from the Maui Winery for a splash of the tropics at your Thanksgiving dinner table.
We hope these tips for Thanksgiving in Hawaii help you have a wonderful turkey day this year,Alooooha!



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