This Might Sound Obvious, But…

When you first arrive in Hawaii, you should take a guided tour. I know, I know. A tour company telling you to take a tour in Hawaii. Big surprise. But I stand behind my point because I believe your vacation time is precious. You deserve the most of your time in Hawaii, and taking a tour is the best way to make the most of your vacation. Here’s why:

You’ll discover new favorite places (and still have plenty of time to return on your own).

It’s 100 times easier to create a list of things to do in Hawaii when you already know what you want to do. Think about it: choosing places to visit before you get to Hawaii means you don’t really know what those places are really like. You can read travel guides, heed advice from friends, but you don’t truly know what a place is like until you’ve been there. If you take a tour on your first day in Hawaii and then make a list of your top places to visit, you’ll spend more time at the places you love most.

You’ll explore the island without the hassle of driving. (Or parking. Or getting lost.)

If you plan to drive yourself, a fair warning: it may take you 10-15 minutes to find a parking spot, plus the extra time spent renting a car, finding your way out of Waikiki, and almost getting lost on the freeway. Not to mention dealing with traffic. Did I mention that many hotels charge you a nightly fee to park your rental car? Or that gas prices are over $4/gallon in Hawaii? Or parking fees, anywhere from $1.25 to $4.00 per hour to park somewhere. It’s a hassle. You get my point. Driving yourself is convenient for a few reasons, but if you want to experience the best places in Hawaii in one day, take a tour. It will save you a lot of stress, trust me.

You’ll experience Hawaii with the help of a local (your tour guide).

Guests tell me the same thing every time I ask them about their tour: the guide makes the tour wildly enjoyable.What does that mean? Your tour guide–friendly, personable, knowledgeable and welcoming–is the most memorable part of your tour. Why? Because our tour guides make you laugh, smile, and connect with Hawaii. They not only share their knowledge of the islands, they share the aloha spirit with you.Years from know, memories of your personable tour guide with shine just as bright as the specific sites you visited. Don’t take my word for it, check out this video with reviews from real customers:

What do you look for when booking a guided tour?

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