Things To Do In Maui: Ocean Adventures!

Maui is Hawaii’s “Magic Isle” and for good reason. Beautiful scenery, offshore islands, lush rainforest, stunning sunsets, and gorgeous resorts are just a few of the reasons vacationers flock to Maui every year. Here’s our favorite ways to make a splash on vacation so be sure to add them to your list of things to do in Maui!

Things to do in Maui: Snorkel Molokini

Just between the islands of Maui and Kaho’olawe is the tiny island of Molokini. What was once an active volcanic crater is now home to over 250 species of fish and boasts some of the best underwater visibility in all of Hawaii. Fish aren’t the only thing to call Molokini home, Green Sea Turtles also call the pristine and protected reefs of this little island home too.
After you discover the underwater wonderland that is Molokini, enjoy spotting Spinner Dolphins off the shores of Maui and Lanai as you cruise the azure sea on the way back to the harbor.

Things to do in Maui: Whale watching cruise

Every spring Hawaii is visited by Humpback Whales who swim to the tropics to birth and nurse their baby calves in Hawaii’s warm clear water. Breaches, fin slaps, and spouting blowholes As an incredible spectacle to see, one of the most popular things to do in Maui between the months of November to April is to take a whale watching cruise.
With sonar technology to help find (and hear) the whales, onboard refreshments, and a friendly expert crew, whale watching cruises with the Pacific Whale Foundation will definitely be a highlight of your vacation.

Things to do in Maui: The most delicious sunset ever!

Maui is famous for having some of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Hawaii, and they are best enjoyed dining on the sea! Take a Maui dinner cruise and take in the best scenery Maui has to offer. With views of Kaho’olawe, Lanai, and Molokai from the sea, a dinner cruise is a great romantic idea for things to do in Maui!
We hope these ideas help you have a great Maui vacation! For more insight into all the amazing things Maui has to offer, visit our “Valley Isle” board on Pinterest!

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