Things To Do In Hawaii: Top 10 Vacation Activities

If you’re planning your first Hawaiian vacation, you need to know what things to do in Hawaii. Here’s a look at the top 10 vacation activities that will make your Hawaiian vacation the one you remember most!

Top 10 things to do in Hawaii

Many of these popular things to do in Hawaii can be found on the four major islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. Or you can take your vacation to a whole ‘nother level by island hopping!

1. Take a circle island tour.

The best way to see the island’s most notable spots are on a circle island tour. It’s better to take a circle island tour at the beginning of your stay so if you find a place you would really love to revisit, you’ll have the rest of your trip to go back to it!
Not only that, we offer many different circle island tours that include many of the other popular things to do in Hawaii like luaus, waterfall swims, visits to Pearl Harbor, and island hopping!

2. Head to a Hawaiian luau!

Nothing compares to experiencing the thundering drums, dangerous fireknife dance, and beautiful hula dancers of a Hawaiian luau. The best part about going to a luau on tour is if you have one too many Mai Tais, you won’t have to drive. Safety first!

3. Visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial

The site of one of America’s biggest tragedies, Pearl Harbor is one of the most visited places in Hawaii. The USS Arizona Memorial. Over 4,000 visitors a day pay their respects and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our wonderful country.
Make a day out of Pearl Harbor and visit the USS Missouri, the USS Bowfin, and the Pacific Aviation Museum for an unforgettable time exploring Hawaii’s naval history!

4. Go island hopping!

The way to take your vacation to the next level is by island hopping in Hawaii. With inter island flights lasting around 45 minutes, you can spend a whole day on another Hawaiian island and not have to get a new hotel room!

5. Take a sailing cruise of Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki Beach is the most famous beach in Hawaii. Home to tall hotels, white sands, blue waters, playful surf, and a vibrant nightlife, the best way to watch a Waikiki sunset is from a catamaran!

6. Journey on the Road to Hana.

Consistently voted one of the best drives in the country, Maui’s Road to Hana is unlike any other journey in Hawaii. Lush rainforest, scenic coastal views, and breathtaking waterfalls line the 600+ curves and 50 one-lane bridges of the Road to Hana.
Not a big fan of driving? Join us on tour and leave the driving to us! Plus, you can snap more photos if you don’t have to focus on the road!

7. Snorkel Hawaii’s tropical reefs.

Hawaii is home to some of the best snorkeling in the world. Brightly colored corals, and diverse sea life will have you wishing you were a fish too! Don’t miss on the opportunity to snorkel in Hawaii!

8. Visit the Big Island’s volcanoes.

Hawaii is home to the world’s most active volcano, Mt. Kilauea. Witness the power of mother nature, and learn a bit about her too on an exciting volcano tour!
The best part about volcano tours is you can island hop to go see them! Escape the towering hotels of Waikiki for at least one day on your Hawaiian vacation, and experience the raw power of Hawaii!

9. Swim with sharks in Hawaii!

One of the most popular things to do in Hawaii is going on a shark dive. You can either hop in the cage at sea or hop in the tank at Sea Life Park and get up close and personal with the most feared predators of the sea!
Wondering what it’s like to swim with sharks in Hawaii? Here’s what our own Alex Kite wrote about his shark dive experience.

10. Take a deep sea fishing charter.

While fishing may not sound like the most exciting thing to do on vacation to some, it is the only thing to do in Hawaii for fisherman. Reel in a big one, maybe even a reeeel big one on a deep sea fishing charter! For more things to do in Hawaii like vacation ideas, travel tips, activity highlights, and tour features, check out our Hawaii Travel Blog. Alooooooooha!

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