Honolulu Receives Eco-Friendly Buses

Continuing the growth of eco-friendly industry in Hawaii, the city of Honolulu and the Oahu Transit Services Inc. have announced their investment in new fuel-efficient buses. Expect 24 of these new buses to begin servicing the island of Oahu around the beginning of 2011.
The new buses use a quieter, more fuel efficient air conditioning unit, which means less noise during the ride and improved fuel efficiency. The noise reduction inside the bus is intended to ensure that passengers will be able to clearly hear announcements from their driver. It will also create a much more relaxing environment for those of us who like a little peace and quiet on our public transit. Built by Canada based Nova Bus, each bus is 40 feet long and can accommodate 39 seated and 31 standing passengers. New features include wider doors, larger windows, more room for a wheelchair or scooter, and racks equipped to carry 3 bikes. Getting back to the eco-friendly mantra, the buses are made of non-corrosive materials, which will extend the life of the vehicles. These new buses will replace some of the current 17 years-old fleet. The old buses themselves will be salvaged for scrap after their retirement. For a local flare, each bus will have an electronic sign that flashes the shaka, along with the bus route number, to drivers behind it. As an environmentally friendly company, we at Discover Hawaii Tours are always excited to hear about our beautiful states continued efforts to maintain our precious natural surroundings. On top of  already in practice efforts, we recently added two more fuel efficient buses to our own fleet. Lets hope that this trend continues so that the natural beauty of our planet survives for future generations.

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