The Pacific Aviation Museum To Unveil Pan Am Exhibit

A new exhibit entitled “Come Fly With Me” will feature artifacts and other branded PAN AM items. The exhibit will open soon at the Pacific Aviation Museum, which is located on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor. PAN AM and Hawaii have a great history together, and the company is single handedly responsible for bringing routes from the mainland to Hawaii; routes that would significantly reduce correspondence and travel time between Hawaii and the world, as well as connecting the US and many other pacific countries. On October 22, 2011, marking the 75th anniversary of the first commercial airline passenger service to Hawaii provided by PAN AM, the exhibit will open at the Pacific Aviation Museum and a special reception from 2 to 4pm will be held to celebrate the opening. This event is free to members and invited guests of the museum, and is included in admission to the museum. Designed by Southern Custom Exhibits of Anniston, Alabama, and assembled by museum staff, the exhibit was designed as an evolving exhibit which will grow as more artifacts are contributed by friends of PAN AM. The exhibit will include two areas, the first will cover 1930′s and 40′s titled “The Early Years”, the second entitled “The Jet Age” will cover PAN AM at the height of its operations during the 1960′s. Executive Director Kenneth DeHoff described the exhibit as “original PAN AM branded items to be viewed in what appears to be the inside cabin of an airliner.” He said, “It’s a fun concept and an exciting addition to our history of aviation in the Pacific.” The collection will include uniforms, customer service items, original posters and signage, navigation tools, the maintenance manual for the Boeing 314 China Clipper, maps for routes serviced in the Islands, and biographical information on the founders and pioneers of international air service—Juan Trippe, Charles Lindbergh, and Edward Musik.

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