The Pacific Aviation Museum Is Now Smithsonian Affiliated

Did you know Pearl Harbor’s Pacific Aviation Museum is a Smithsonian affiliated museum? With over 70 years of aviation history in one place, it’s no surprise the Smithsonian Institution would want to be affiliated with the Pacific Aviation Museum! Here’s a look at what makes this place so special…

Pacific Aviation Museum

Located in historic hangars which came under fire from Japanese planes during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 is one of the most amazing collections of military aircraft in the Pacific.
The fully restored aircraft and static displays of the Pacific Aviation Museum will inspire the imagination of youngsters and resurface memories of those who served our country proudly. If someone in your family is fond of military aviation history, then the Pacific Aviation Museum is not something to miss! Of all Pearl Harbor’s historic sites, none is more exciting and diverse as this! Aside from the wondrous collection of planes, there is a wonderful gift shop with one-of-a-kind souvenirs to bring home to loved ones who are passionate about planes!
From World War II planes to Army Jeeps and helicopters, the Pacific Aviation Museum has Hawaii’s largest collection of historical aircraft. There is a restoration shop right there in the hangar and you can see the amount of love and care that goes into brining these warbirds back to life! They even have a Zero fighter which was the primary assault aircraft of the Japanese during World War II, as if the plane has come full circle.
If you want to visit Pearl Harbor on your next Hawaiian vacation, a visit to the Pacific Aviation Museum is a great addition to your trip. It’s no wonder the Smithsonian Institution would want to be affiliated with it! Experience the incredible history of American military aviation in just one place! Aloooha!

Join us and spend a day experiencing all the amazing sites of Pearl Harbor!

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