The Many Moods of Diamond Head

Hawaiian sunsets happen every day, dozens of colors pouring across the sky and painting to ocean a deep red, purple, and orange hue. Each time I see a sunset in Honolulu, it takes my breath away. The same feelings captivate me whenever I see Diamond Head, Waikiki’s most distinctive natural landmark. Whether I’m driving along Kapahulu Ave. or standing on Waikiki Beach, Leahi (the mountain’s Hawaiian name) shapes the sky with a uniquely Hawaiian flair.

Aloha Kakahiaka (Good Morning)

When I’m off to work at Discover Hawaii Tours in the morning, Diamond Head is there with a new outlook on the day. It helps me start each day with a fresh perspective.

Aloha Ahiahi (Good Evening)

When the sun begins to bid farewell, I see the sky light up with rich colors that inspire my imagination. It’s the perfect way to end the day, and a testament to the beauty and uniqueness of Hawaii.

Aloha Kakou (Greetings Everyone)

And even when I’m at Waikiki beach with friends surfing or just hanging, Diamond Head is there, a welcome reminder why tourist love to visit Hawaii. I know there are other gorgeous beaches in the world, but the combination of Waikiki’s white sands and the Diamond Head’s subtle power make this one of the world’s best beaches.
This is paradise, and I love every moment of it.
However you see it, Diamond head will always be a source of inspiration. For me, looking east to witness one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks will always inspire me to face the challenges of each day.
Jonah Kaimana is a writer and social media specialist for Discover Hawaii Tours.

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