The Hawaii Bucket List

As one of the world’s most dreamed about destinations, just visiting Hawaii is enough to make it on someone’s “Bucket List”. With so many amazing things to do here in paradise, here’s some tips on how to make a “Hawaii Bucket List” and make your vacation even better!

Hawaii Bucket List

Here’s the top 5 things for our Hawaii Bucket List. Because as nice as it is to just relax on vacation in Hawaii, it’s even better to add in some adventure!

1. Swim with sharks in Hawaii

One of the most exciting ways to add a dose of adrenaline to your vacation is to do something you would never normally do… like swim with sharks. Before you rule this out, let me say that there is a cage. A very strong and reinforced cage. But that’s not always enough to convince! Our #1 is for the brave in spirit only!
If swimming with sharks sounds a little too fishy for you, see our #4.

2. Journey to the Big Island’s volcano

One of the most unique things to see in Hawaii is the active Kilauea Volcano. Home to geologic wonders, eerie rainforest flora, and an unmistakable feeling of “this land is alive”, a visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is one Hawaiian experience that is truly memorable.
Formations like this are just one reason a visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Pars is #2 on our Hawaii Bucket List.

3. Discover the history of Pearl Harbor

Home to one of the most significant events of the last 100 years, Pearl Harbor on Oahu is one that will move you. The solemnity of the USS Arizona Memorial, artifacts of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, beautifully restored aircraft of the Pacific Aviation Museum, and the sheer might of the USS Missouri are things no trip to Hawaii should be without!
The wonders and rich history of Pearl Harbor on Oahu are something everyone should experience and that’s why it’s #3 on our Hawaii Bucket List!

4. Swim with dolphins in Hawaii

Far less scary than swimming with sharks, and just as (if not more) amazing is swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. No sharp teeth, no metal cages separating you from tropical wildlife, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii is not only amazing, it’s not scary like our #1 either! Here’s a preview to what you could see on a dolphin snorkeling adventure!

5. See Oahu’s Sacred Falls on a helicopter tour

Oahu’s most majestic waterfall, Sacred Falls, is seldom seen by vacationers. It’s not that it’s not worth seeing, it’s just the only way to see it is by air! Taking a helicopter tour in Hawaii is the most exciting way to sightsee and gain a new perspective of our island paradise!
Breathtaking views like this can only be had on a helicopter tour of Hawaii, and be sure to see Sacred Falls!
Well that’s our Hawaii Bucket List! Have a good one to add? Please leave a comment! Need more ideas for your Hawaii Bucket List? Our “Checklist for Hawaii” board on Pinterest has tons of fun ideas! Alooooha!

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