Essential Packing List for Hawaii

Packing. Most travelers will ask, what do I bring to Hawaii on vacation? Shorts and slippers? Sunscreen and sunglasses? Keep reading for the essential packing list for your trip to Hawaii.

What to pack for your trip to Hawaii:

Light jacket or sweater. Even though we live in paradise, we still live in a tropical climate–which means it can still rain in Hawaii. Also, fall and winter seasons in Hawaii don’t bring snowfall, but the nights are certainly cooler–between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Comfortable shoes. First off, bring a pair of slippers/flip-flops/sandals. But because Hawaii is a great place for outdoor activities, be sure to bring shoes too. If you’re touring the Big Island volcanoes, bring hike-friendly shoes for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Aloe vera gel. Aloe helps reduce the pain and effect of sunburns. Aloe also speeds recovery time. Prevent it from the start and bring sunscreen, too. If you can’t find a bottle under 3 ounces in size, pick up some at a local ABC Store when you land. Refillable water bottle. We pay 6 cents per can/bottle in Hawaii, and soft drinks are no exception. Save money on buying beverages and reduce waste by bringing your own refillable bottle. Casual dress wear. Hawaii is laid back when it comes to dining out–an Aloha Shirt and long pants is usually all a guy needs to look ‘dressed up’. There are some places where formal wear is necessary, so consider calling ahead to a restaurant when you’re still on the mainland to ask about the dress code for dining. Cash, and a CO-OP credit union debit card. The banking market in Hawaii is dominated by local banks. You won’t find an ATM from a national branch like US Bank, Chase, Bank of America and so on. If you have a credit union debit card that’s part of the CO-OP ATM network, you can avoid ATM fees by using a CO-OP ATM in Hawaii. Otherwise, you’ll be paying an extra $2.50+ every time you withdraw money at an ATM in Hawaii with your mainland bank card. Polarized sunglasses. Protect your eyes on vacation. Maps. Find your way around the islands, avoid getting lost. If you’re using a smartphone, you can use Google Maps or a similar app. Respect. You might be on vacation, but there are over a million people living on these islands. Arrive ready to understand and respect the communities of Hawaii and your vacation experience will be even more fulfilling. Residents of Hawaii are friendly and happy!

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