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When it comes down to it, everybody in Hawaii knows at least one scary Hawaii story. Morgan’s Corner, the Old Pali Road, the Tunnel of Trees. Just ask a local resident and they’ll share a spooky story with you. But only a handful of Hawaii locals have dedicated themselves to documenting the spooky stories that make for a haunted Hawaii that chills the spine. The Obake Files and Chicken Skin
Glen Grant became one of Hawaii’s foremost supernatural historians when he published two series of books under the titles Obake Files and Chicken Skin. The first takes a scholarly approach to unexplained phenomena in Hawaii, while Chicken Skin is geared towards entertainment. The stories are spine-tingling tales of menehune (little people), Asian ghosts and Hawaiian spirits, and houses forsaken by the demons who haunt their halls. More about Glen Grant

Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters

The go-to guys for ghoulish happenings in Hawaii. Although the Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society doesn’t take on every case (they do preliminary research before determining which cases need the most attention), they are dedicated to finding proof (or lack of evidence) that the paranormal exists.
We are not Scientists, Priests, Kahuna, or Psychics. We are normal, everyday people with a passion to pursue answers regarding the Paranormal.”
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Haunted Hawaii online is a collection of scary stories about Hawaiian folklore and contemporary urban legends. The best part: many of the stories are in first-person narrative, which gives the reader an even scarier account of ghost encounters. Browse hundreds of stories categorized by island and type of paranormal activity. Locals and residents are invited to share their personal encounters with strange Hawaii activity. Read more at

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