The Bishop Museum Makes Planning Your Vacation Even Easier

The Honolulu Bishop museum, home to the largest collection of information on native Hawaii and historic Hawaiian immigrant life, is creating an online database for its million plus exhibits. Information about nearly thirteen thousand archeological sites will be available for anyone to access. Hopes are that this new site will make it easier for native and non-native Hawaiians alike to find information about their island home.

Making information like this available online makes it much easier for people to learn the true history of Hawaii. Local individuals will be able to search the database for information about their immediate community, and maybe even find articles about historic locations that may have been originally uncovered in what is now their back yard. Visitors might use this resource to learn some of the history behind the various attractions that you may soon find yourself standing, or simply get a general idea about Hawaiian culture and history. Whatever you are looking for, if it is concerning Hawaii’s past, this resource is invaluable. If you have an interest in Hawaiian history, consider checking out the database. You might be surprised at the richness of ancient Hawaiian culture and tradition. You’ll certainly find information about lots of the attractions that we at Discover Hawaii Tours stop at. With a historic overview of these locations in mind, being able to get out and see the location first-hand ought to be a very memorable experience. Please join Discover Hawaii Tours on your next Hawaiian vacation and allow us to show you some of the historically rich hidden treasures that Hawaii has to offer.

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