The Apple Banana: Hybrid Fruit of Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are famous for their lush selection of tropical fruit. One of the most distinctive fruits in Hawaii is the unique hybrid known as the apple banana. This delicious treat is a variety of banana known for its firm flesh, its tangy apple-like taste, and its great versatility in snacks, meals, and desserts. When you travel with us, Discover Hawaii Tours, you can enjoy these tropical delights in their native habitat.

A Tasty Hawaiian Crop

These tasty fruits, also known as Brazilian bananas, grow especially well in Hawaii because of the hot sun, the abundant rainfall, and the rich soil. They thrive in many warm tropical climates around the world, but the sweetest and most flavorful ones are grown right in the moist and fertile environment of Hawaii. The growing season lasts all year long, although banana plants may slow down or even stop production when temperatures go above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Brief History of This Unique Treat

The apple banana has been important in Hawaiian cuisine for many years. It was originally native to South America and Central America. It was brought to the Pacific islands by a French missionary named Claude Letoundal, who recognized it as a healthy and inexpensive source of food for the native population. In the years since Letoundal transplanted the first banana trees, this special fruit has become a classic ingredient in Hawaiian food.

Many Exciting Uses

These unique hybrid bananas are sweet enough to be enjoyed in a dessert and tart enough to go with savory main courses. They pair well with bacon, ham, and other pork products, as well as creamy dairy-based dishes. Eat an apple banana with macadamia nuts for a distinctively Hawaiian treat.

Enjoying apple bananas in Hawaii can be a delicious and nutritious part of your tropical getaway. Our travel experts at Discover Hawaii Tours are here to help you plan your dream vacation. Book online or call us today at 808-670-3743 to learn more about your options.

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