Thanksgiving Traditions at Discover Hawaii Tours

A typical Thanksgiving tradition is for everyone to go around the room and say what they are thankful for. Here at Discover Hawaii Tours we thought it would be nice to let you know what we are thankful for. In our amazement “living in Hawaii,” was on the top of the list.“I’m thankful for my job, I love my job” – Daniel, Eco Tour Manager “Happy life, happy days!” – Li, Division Manager “I’m thankful for the challenges in life because they help me become the person I am created to be.” – George, Call Center Manager “I am so thankful for my health, good food that I am going to eat on Thanksgiving, living in Hawaii, my job and that I am fabulous.” – Allie, Customer Service “I’m thankful that it’s not cold in Hawaii.” – Alex, Programmer “My son is coming to visit me from the East Coast, that’s what I’m thankful for.” – Grisel, New Business “The internet.” – Ben, Programmer “I’m thankful for beautiful Hawaii, the beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful tourist and my job, it’s awesome!” – Greg, Tour Guide Manager “My life, family and all the blessings kakua has given me.” – Hauoli, DMC and Charters Lead Supervisor “I’m thankful for my family.” – Bronson, Intern “For the opportunity to pursue my dream job in the most beautiful place in America.” – Amanda, Graphic Designer Being in Hawaii gives you a different perspective on life and those of us who are lucky enough to live, work and play on these fantastic islands don’t take it for granted. We are happy to share our islands with you, Thanksgiving Traditions and are proud to provide you the best vacation ever! From our ohana (family) to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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