Swim With Sharks in Hawaii

Sharks in Hawaii, scary right? This past weekend, I actually had the opportunity to swim with sharks in Hawaii! You might think that I am crazy for jumping into the water with the predators of the ocean, but you have to understand that I am really tough and not scared at all. Well, maybe a little…
The truth is, I am actually terrified of sharks, and they are a large (really large, with big teeth) reason that I do not like to swim in the ocean. Sharks and Jellyfish. If those 2 ocean dwellers were not out there, it’d be really hard to keep me out of the water. But the fact remains, there are sharks in Hawaii and just the thought is enough to keep me on the sand.

How can you swim with Sharks in Hawaii?

This was something that wasn’t on my radar, as you can imagine. I had a few friends visiting from the Mainland and they were itching to do this frightening activity. So I gave in and we took our North Shore Shark Cage Encounter. Heading up to Haleiwa Town, I was a little nervous, then I met the Captain of the boat, and all of my fears were washed away. We headed out about 3 miles from Haleiwa Harbor and found our large shark cage floating in the middle of the ocean! The cage is big enough to fit about 7 people and is secured to the boat, so floating off into the Pacific was not an option. Sure enough, the sharks were circling the boat as soon as we pulled in. It was amazing to see these predators so close! I estimate that the largest was about 11 feet long, the smallest closer to 7 feet, and was informed that they weigh around 500 pounds at the most. One of the sharks was even missing half of his top dorsal fin! From all of the scars on his body and around what remained of the fin, he has been in some shark battles.

What draws these sharks in?

Contrary to popular belief, the wonderful crew that leads our North Shore Shark Cage Encounter, do not chum the water. I asked the Captain about this and he informed our entire group that the sharks are drawn in by the crab boats that are coming in from deeper waters. The crews of the crab boats place bait in their traps, which attracts the crabs and other creatures of the deep, including sharks. And the sharks that we saw while in the water were not the ocean predators that we are all used to hearing about. We mostly saw Gallapagos Sharks and Black Tip Sharks. The Captain said that on a few occasions they have seen Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, and Bull Sharks, but those are few and far between because those specific sharks are searching in deeper waters for big prey like seals and turtles.

Booking your shark tour is easy

The boat that heads out is a smaller boat, I believe there were about 13 people with us which is a full boat. That means that seats are really limited and in order for you to swim with sharks in Hawaii, it is best to book your tour early. There are even 3 different departure times that you can choose from! Head out to swim with the sharks at 7:00am, 9:00am, or 11:00am. You’re back to the harbor in no time with a great experience for your Hawaiian vacation and can even grab a late breakfast in Haleiwa! You will not be let down after you swim with sharks in Hawaii. Face these creatures with us today and any fears you have may be gone.

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