Swim With Dolphins In Hawaii For Amazing Vacation Moments!

What do you want most out of your Hawaii vacation? To relax by the pool with a cocktail, get great pictures, or that one magical moment you wish you could return to for the rest of your life?.. Well if you’re looking to make that magical moment happen then you want to swim with dolphins in Hawaii!

Swim with dolphins in Hawaii

Dolphins are widely considered to be the smartest creature in the sea. They are highly social, have their own sonar “language”, and they are highly trainable. Not only that, they are smart enough to know how to have fun!

Snorkel with dolphins in the wild

The west coast of Oahu is home to pods of Spinner Dolphins, one of the most playful species in the Pacific. Visit their favorite spot and swim with them in their natural habitat. Take a snorkeling and sailing tour to where the dolphins love to swim and spend your day having an amazing aquatic adventure! Nothing comes close to experiencing the grace and beauty of a wild animal in their own environment. Yes, you have probably seen dolphins at an aquarium or theme park, but everything changes when you’re in their arena.

Score a dolphin kiss at Sea Life Park

If you want an up close and personal experience with a dolphin, then head over to Sea Life Park where you can swim with trained dolphins. Hang onto their fins and feel their power when they swim, watch them do tricks up close, shake their fin and even score a dolphin kiss! A memorable experience that will be fun for the whole family, take a swim with dolphins in Hawaii and make friends with with our playful finned friends! Hear the clicks in their voice, see the smile on their faces and have that special moment when you stare into their gentle eyes.
The best part about a swim with dolphins in Hawaii at Sea Life Park is admission to the rest of the park is included. Take some time to explore the 300,000 gallon reef tank where you can see the diversity of Hawaii’s marine environment and even people swimming with sharks! For anyone who loves the ocean and all of it’s wondrous creatures, no trip to Hawaii is complete without a visit to Sea Life Park! Whether you want that special dolphin kiss or to make that memory last a lifetime, be sure to take a day to swim with dolphins in Hawaii because they would love to swim with you too!

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