Surfing Is Hawaii’s New Official High School Sport

Governor Abercrombie announced today that Hawaii would  officially be adding a new sport to their list of High school athletic programs; surfing. Hawaii’s long history with the sport of surfing makes this no surprise; in fact, it’s a wonder that it is just now becoming an official High school sport. Hawaii is known the world over as the epicenter of the surfing world, as well as the birthplace of the sport. This announcement puts Hawaii at the forefront of surfing again, as it will be the first state to recognize surfing as an official High school sport. As Governor Abercrombie stated teams could start to form for the Spring of 2013, at the earliest. Surfers and spectators come from all across the globe to par-take and watch surfers on the famous North Shore of Oahu, and over the years Hawaii has been home to more than a few world-champion contenders, as well as world champions. Carissa Moore became the youngest world champion over the summer, and is a representative of Hawaii’s talented array of surfers; she also took part in the announcement. Having surfing as an official state High school sport will most definitely add to Hawaii’s presence in the chase for world titles, and in general for surfing’s next generation, because making the sport more accessible to the general public will end up attracting some new, exciting talent that will have nothing but the best conditions in the world to practice and hone their skill. From Hawaiian Royalty to the new generation of surfers, surfing as a sport, has grown by so much more than leaps and bounds. From the days of the Ali’i surfing on long, hand shaped wooden planks, one would barely recognize the small, skateboard-like boards of today which perform the acrobatic moves of the new generation of surfing.

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