Sunset Beach to Host Largest Junior Surf Event

Beginning January 14th through the 22nd the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior competition will be held at Sunset Beach, on the North Shore of Oahu. A press release from Surfline covered the news. It will be the largest pro junior surfing competition to be held in Hawaii in over 10 years. The competitors for this event will be male and females surfers under 21, more than 100 of the top in the nation. Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Hawaii Regional Director, Marty Thomas, said “The kids who will compete in the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior are the future stars of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, just like John John.” John John Florence, who just made his presence felt by winning the Vans Triple Crown a few weeks ago, will not compete, although he would be allowed since he is only 19. John John has decided against competing though, he will coach his two younger brothers Ivan, 15, and Nathan, 17, who will be making their debut at this event. This event is sanctioned by the ASP, and the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior is being backed heavily by local businesses and patrons who wish to support surfing in Hawaii. For many of the up and coming surfers competitions like this one are some of their only chances to gain recognition in the professional surfing world. There should be plenty of winter waves coming in for organizers to stage the event in great surf. Event organizers will look to stage the girls’ heats in 4- to 6-foot surf, and the boy’s heats in waves of up to 10 feet (Hawaiian scale).

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