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Whether you’re living in paradise or dreaming of your vacation in Hawaii, there’s always a new, exciting Hawaii news story to learn about. Discover Hawaii News curates the latest stories about our Hawaiian Islands—stories that celebrate our islands’ culture, history, landmarks, and events. Take these recent stories, for example:

Waikiki Aquarium celebrates 108 years

Since March 19th, 1904, The Waikiki Aquarium has been showing Hawaiian visitors and residents what the ocean life surrounding the Hawaiian Islands  is like. That makes the aquarium 108 years old, the third oldest aquarium in the United States. Read more.

Hawaii Lantern Floating and Shinnyo-en Buddhism

Months of preparations go into this truly unique Oahu event and volunteers gather to rebuild the Lantern’s which are re-used. The event is held on Memorial Day, and is an opportunity for the community to come together as a whole to recognize the similarity in our experiences in life. Read more.

The 2012 Prince Kuhio Parade

In Saturday March 24th the Prince Kuhio Parade will take place in Honolulu. The parade is put on in recognition of Prince Kuhio Day which is celebrated annually on March 26th, the birthdate of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole Piikoi, and passage of the Hawaiian Homelands Act of 1921. Read more.

Hawaiian’s Summer Flight Deals from Bay Area to Maui

The new Maui hub of Hawaiian airlines will be seeing more traffic this summer from the Bay area. According to a release from Hawaiian Airlines, the company has “expanded flight schedule to its new Maui hub from Oakland and San José, and a $498 fare sale for round-trip flights and free connections to Kauai,Hawaii Island, and Honolulu.” Read more.

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