The Shaka Summer Photo Contest is on!

We love Hawaii and sharing the Aloha spirit. We love it so much we would like to invite you to do the same! Our Shaka Summer Photo Contest officially begins today, and we are very excited! The shaka is the unofficial international symbol of the Aloha spirit. Commonly used in Hawaii to say “thank you” or “what’s up”, the shaka became synonymous with surfing culture and it’s popularity spread worldwide.

What is Shaka Summer?

Shaka Summer is all about enjoying how amazing summer is, feeling good, and adding a little Aloha to your day. And now you can win $150 in prizes for feeling good this summer! All you need to do is: 1. Take a picture of yourself throwing a shaka wherever you are this summer. 2. Then, upload it to our Shaka Summer Photo Contest website:

It’s that easy!

Anyone can vote for up to 10 of their favorite photos during the voting period, and we’ll pick four (4) winners from the top 10 photos with the most votes after the voting period ends.

Learn more at

“Why should I have a Shaka Summer?”

Because it’s fun and easy! Just visit the Shaka Summer homepage where you can upload your shaka photo. You can also browse through the shaka photos other people have posted to see which ones you want to vote for. Best part is, ANYONE can vote! So be sure to spread the word to your friends on Facebook to vote for your photo once the voting period begins, because we are selecting four winners from the top 10 photos with the most votes.

And the winner is…

Submit your photo before the submission deadline on Friday, August 10. The voting period begins Saturday, August 11, and ends August 24. We will announce the winners on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. What can I win? Prize details
  • The four (4) winners will each receive an amazing Hawaiian gift basket with the following:
  • Gourmet Hawaiian chocolates from Manoa Chocolate.
  • Handcrafted bath & body gift set from Maui Soap Company.
  • Delicious Hawaiian honey gift set from Big Island Bees.
  • Locally roasted Hawaiian coffee from Kimo Bean.
Each gift basket is valued at over $150 dollars, and will definitely add a little Aloha to your summer.
Visit today today and upload your photo!

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