What To Do On Spring Break In Hawaii

If you’re spending spring break in Hawaii you’re probably looking to do just one thing…. Have fun! Well we’ve got tons of ways to have fun under the sun, so check out these great ideas for what to do on spring break in Hawaii!

What to do on spring break in Hawaii

Spring break in Hawaii should be a celebration. A celebration that winter is over, that days are getting warmer, and most of all, that you get a break from school! With that said, check out our top choices for fun activities to help you think of what to do on spring break in Hawaii!

1. Make the most out of a day with an island Tour

It would be a shame to come to Hawaii without experiencing the beauty the islands have to offer. From scenic lookouts & secluded beaches to swimming at majestic waterfalls and discovering hidden temples, an island tour is the best way to visit the places you never thought you could go on your own.
Adding an island tour to your list of what to do on spring break in Hawaii is a great way to discover everything the island has to offer in just one day!

2. Soar to new heights and see Hawaii like never before!

Taking a helicopter tour over the island is the only way to really see Hawaii. Only about 25% of the island is visible from the road, and it’s almost impossible to imagine what you’re missing! From bird’s eye views of breathtaking waterfalls to soaring over offshore islands, a helicopter tour over Oahu will make a great spring break story to share with your friends!
Experience Hawaii like you’ve never dreamed of before… With a view from a helicopter!

3. Make friends with the most amazing creatures under the sea

Hawaii is home to so many sea creatures it’s hard to get acquainted with them all in one trip. So get to know the more popular ones first! Oahu west coast is home to Spinner dolphins, Green Sea Turtles, Octopus, and many types of fish! Hop in the water and swim with dolphins in their natural habitat and you’ll be sure to have the best spring break story out of all your friends! Check out how amazing swimming with dolphins can be!

4. “It’s like finding Nemo in a haystack”

Maui’s Molokini Island is home to hundreds of species of fish and boasts the clearest water in Hawaii. In other words, there is no better place to snorkel in the islands! With over 250 species of fish, thriving reef, Green Sea Turtles, and more than enough fun to have in a single day, head to Molokini for the best snorkeling you can find on spring break in Hawaii! The best part about snorkeling at Molokini is the adventure to get there! Cruise  over Maui’s azure waters out towards the islands of Kaho’olawe and Lanai before anchoring and making a splash.
Humpback whales spend the winter months in Hawaii nursing their young and start heading back to the North Pacific in April, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Humpback whales as they wave goodbye to Hawaii until next winter.

5. “My what sharp teeth you have!”

Are you one who likes to wrestle your fears head on? Are you afraid of sharks? If you answered yes to either of these questions then we have the activity for you! Head up to Oahu’s North Shore for the most exhilarating dip you’ll ever dare to take and go swimming with sharks! Conquer your fears as you learn about how vital to Hawaii’s ecosystem these misunderstood (but still scary) creature are and get an up close experience all from the comfort of a reinforced shark cage.

Check out all the fun ideas for what to do for spring break in Hawaii!

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