Southwest Airlines to Fly to Hawaii?

Rumors have been swirling through the Hawaii islands for the last 6 months that Southwest Airlines is poised to begin flying to Hawaii.

Although no specific announcements have officially been made by Southwest Airlines, their decision to order 20 Boeing 737-800s with jets equipped for long flights over water indicates they are poised to begin servicing the state of Hawaii.

  The very possibility of Southwest Airlines has the Hawaii tourism industry in a tizzy. Poised to take significant market share from Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines, Southwest will provide much needed competition to these airlines. Southwest Airlines is the 5th largest airline in the United States. Built on the principle of getting their passengers to their destination on time at the lowest possible fare, Southwest Airlines is a profitable company in a chaotic industry. By expanding their operations, Southwest looks set to deliver more visitors to tour Hawaii. More Hawaii visitors means more revenue generated by passengers taking Hawaii Tours and activities. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly explained in a speech last December that the company is “looking to the future,” by looking at new destinations. Don’t book your ticket just yet. The first jet is scheduled to be delivered in March 2012. Next year should be an interesting one for Hawaii Tours and the tourism industry.

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