Social Media at the Pro Bowl?

Every year in Hawaii players and teams from the NFL gather for one final game before the Super bowl. The Pro Bowl has always had an air of fun to it, and this year will be no different. How could you blame anyone involved in the Pro Bowl for wanting to have a little fun while they’re in Hawaii? According to CBS News the NFL has decided to relax its social media policy and will be allowing players to tweet before and during Sunday’s Pro Bowl. Players will be allowed to tweet before their game and during halftime from their own phones, and there will be computers set up on both sidelines to allow players to tweet live during the game. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that “The nature of the Pro Bowl enables us to have players tweet during the games” Existing NFL policy states that players are not allowed to tweet starting 90 minutes before the game, and until they fulfill their media obligations afterwards. It will be interesting to tune in to the twitter feeds on January 29th during the Pro Bowl to see what the players will be coming up with. Surely they have already begun to think about some of the tweets they will be making throughout the game or after their big touchdown. Players will tweet using hash tag Pro Bowl, or #Probowl. The list is already receiving a lot of tweets from fans and teams anticipating the big game. The Saints tweeted “Not only do we have 5 players in the #ProBowl, Danielle of the @Saintsations will also be in Hawaii!” It seems that people are excited about the upcoming game, and although some of the teams represented have begun to tweet, the players involved haven’t been very active yet. Make sure to tune in to see the game, on T.V. and Twitter, which will take place at Aloha Stadium located in Honolulu Hawaii.

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