Snorkeling Tips: Hawaii Snorkel Safety and More

With several Hawaii snorkeling tours to choose from in our huge selection of activities, you will definitely want to take a snorkel adventure with us! Before you depart on your underwater exploration, read these snorkeling tips and make the most of your time in Hawaii.

Know Before You GoOcean and weather conditions are always changing, be sure to check the conditions ahead of time. What’s the weather going to be like on that day? Will the water be rough and choppy because of the weather? Plan ahead for the best snorkel experience.Also, understand your surroundings, like what kind of snorkeling spot you’re going to, how large the snorkeling area is, and what types of marine life live there.

Always be aware

Look up, look around, never turn your back to the ocean, and always be conscious of your surroundings. Safety first, it’s the best way to enjoy your time in the water!

Don’t go alone

Take a friend with you on snorkeling tour. When you book one of our snorkeling tours, you’re in the hands of professionals with years of experience in the water. Listen to the advice of your catamaran crew and be sure to go out into the water with a friend.

Use the right equipment

Your snorkeling tour crew will provide the equipment you need to have a fantastic experience. Do you know how to use the equipment the right way? Make sure the snorkel mask is tightly fitted so that no water will pour in. Also, practice breathing with the spout. It’s important to feel comfortable with breathing through through the spout while you’re snorkeling. Practice spouting water out of the tube in case you need to shoot incoming water from the tube (which is what happens if you dive using snorkel gear).

Snorkel near structure

Whether its coral reef or man-made objects, fish love to hang out near something. Don’t waste your time swimming across expanses of sand looking for marine life, stay close to coral for the excitement.

Save energy by gliding, not swimming

Glide through the water without using a lot of energy. You’ll enjoy the view from above at an easy pave without exhausting yourself.

Respect the ocean

Don’t touch the reef because it will kill the coral. Respect the marine life, this is their home you’re entering. Please don’t scare the fish, but rather quietly enjoy the waters teeming with wildlife.

Wear reef safe sunscreen

Some sunscreens use harmful, chemical ingredients which can be dangerour to coral reefs and marine life that call these reefs home. Pick up a reef safe brand, like tropical Seas or Badger, and do your part in preserving the beautiful Hawaiian waters. Some of our tours provide reef safe sunscreen to use on trip, be sure to read all the details of your tour when you book online.

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