Should I take a guided tour? Yes, and here’s why.

We can list tons of answers to your burning question, “Should I take a guided tour?” OK, we’re a Hawaii tour company and you might think we’re a little biased, so first, let’s have our customers speak for us!

Real customer reviews on our website:

“Doing an initial tour like this when you are not acquainted with what the island has to offer is really essential. You learn so much about the culture and the best spots to visit. You could drive and follow a map but it would be somewhat stressful and all of your party would not be able to enjoy the trip.” —Nina Charlson on the Road to Hana Eco Adventure Tour
“Our fabulous tour guide, Joey, was wonderful. He provided lots of historical facts, plant and wildlife information, and added his own personal (local) view. He made sure that everyone was included, and asked the guests their opinions on different tour ideas enroute. It made it seem very spontaneous and fun.” —Liz Howarth on the Full-Day Oahu Circle Island Eco-Adventure Tour
“We are SO glad we chose Discover Hawaii Tours! Our tour guide Kevin was the BEST – he was funny and full of information about history and culture. I loved his little tips, like when we first boarded the Arizona Memorial [shuttle boat], we should head straight to the back where the shrine is… I got several great pictures before there were 30 other people in the room, all wanting to get to the front with their cameras.” —Pam Johnson Mortenson on the Battleships of WWII Tour at Pearl Harbor

The people have spoken, but we have more to add…

Why taking a guided tour instead of driving yourself is a better choice:
  • Focus on the scenery, not the road
  • Learn for expert tour guides, not a guidebook
  • No parking hassles, parking meters, or waiting
  • Familiarize yourself with the islands, then come back later to spend more time on your own
  • Ask questions and get answers from our guides
  • Stop at all the right places without wasting time finding them
  • Learn about Hawaii from a local!

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