Shark Cage Diving Adventure

Looking for adventure, excitement, and maybe a little bit of danger (or at least the illusion of danger)? I’ve got you covered! North Shore Shark Adventures is without a doubt the best shark cage tour available on the island. Climb onboard with `Oahu’s friendliest and funniest crew to embark on a journey out to the deep blue sea, for a swim with Earth’s most misunderstood predator: the shark.


Before heading out on this tour, I was a bit apprehensive. We’ve all seen Jaws, right? Deep Blue Sea? Sharknado? Why would I willingly go to the middle of the ocean and swim with creatures that want to EAT me? Glancing around the boat, I noticed most of the passengers probably shared my sentiments. A slight tinge of fear was reflected in everyone’s eyes while passengers stared off into the distance. The steady undulation of the boat rocked me into a dream-like state, as my life flashed before my eyes. Could this be my last experience on Earth? Despite the impending doom, somber faces quickly turned to excited faces as Kalani, the boat’s first mate, began briefing us on what to expect that day.

Conditions were perfect this particular morning and we were lucky enough to have twice as many sharks as usual. As the boat crew was setting up the cage and snorkel gear for us, I looked over the side of the boat into the crystal clear blue water and saw over 15 sharks swarming the boat. Kalani informed us that we would primarily be seeing Galapagos sharks, Hammerhead sharks, and Grey Reef sharks.


As I strapped on my snorkel mask and jumped in the warm water, my racing heartbeat mellowed and my shaky hands steadied. I was staring right into the eyes of six-foot shark.

It’s hard to describe the phenomenon that occurs when you finally get into the water with these massive fish. All fear and apprehension that I had originally felt was replaced with a sense of wonder and curiosity. The way they move, their smooth skin, and their darting eyes were even more majestic than I had imagined. You can see how intelligent these animals are as they pace back and forth, scanning their surroundings and sizing up their prey.

Once you’re finally face to face with a shark, you witness first hand how beautiful and gentle they really are.


It’s no wonder these magnificent creatures have been revered and worshiped by Hawaiians since ancient times. Those of you who have a GoPro camera, now is your chance to capture some incredible footage.

One of my favorite aspects about North Shore Shark Adventures is how intimate their tour is. There were only about 20 people onboard, which made it possible to spend plenty of time with the sharks and have a Q& A session with the crew. Kalani told us that over 100 million sharks are killed per year, which has had a considerable effect on the ocean’s delicate ecosystem.

By swimming with the sharks, we can begin to learn the true nature of these animals and how important it is to preserve their numbers.

I have to say, spending the morning with North Shore Shark Adventures was a life-changing and exhilarating experience. This is a day you’ll never forget. So bring your bathing suits, waterproof cameras, and curiosity. This tour is guaranteed to be a ‘jaw-dropping’ adventure, leaving you wanting more.

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