Sequel To The Hunger Games Set To Shoot In Hawaii

A recent online buzz swirling Hollywood is claiming the island of Kauai has been chosen for filming “Catching Fire,” sequel to The Hunger Games. The pristine beaches and lush rainforest have been chosen as the perfect setting for the next Hunger Games arena.

Hunger Games in Hawaii

While not official, word is scouts for the movie have chosen the tropical beaches and jungles of Kauai for the next Hunger Games arena. The arena which is set as an island in a small sea, will be full of all the struggles and conflict from the first movie, but with a tropical twist!
“Catching Fire” is the much anticipated sequel to Suzanne Collins’ futuristic survival-themed novel The Hunger Games. Production for the movie is set to begin this fall, and the movie is anticipated to release late November 22, 2013.

Kualoa Ranch: Hollywood’s home in Hawaii

Hawaii has always been a favorite place for film production. Films new and old have been set or shot in Hawaii. So much so in fact, Kualoa Ranch on Oahu has earned the nickname “Hawaii’s Backlot.” Many major Hollywood films have used the Ka’a'awa Valley and Kualoa Ranch for their tropical setting. Jurassic Park, Mighty Joe Young, Godzilla, 50 First Dates, and Pearl Harbor are only just some of the smash hit movies filmed at Kualoa Ranch. Many parts of ABC’s television hit “Lost” were also filmed there.

Want to see places from your favorite movies?

Kualoa Ranch offers many different fun outdoor activities, and one of them is their Hollywood Film Locations tour. Check out sets from some of your favorite movies, and more! Spend a day at Kualoa Ranch, riding horseback through the pristine Ka’a'awa Valley, or go on an ATV expedition! You can visit an ancient Hawaiian fishpond or even go for a cruise on the ocean out to the nearby island Chinaman’s Hat. The best part about Kualoa Ranch adventures is that you pick the activities you want to do. A delicious lunch buffet is included with an action packed day at Kualoa Ranch to make sure you have enough energy to tackle your next adventure of fun in the sun. Be sure to check out “Catching Fire” next November to see the tropical trials and tribulations in the next part of The Hunger Games trilogy, I know I will! Aloha!

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