An Economical Choice: Segway Tours on the Hawaiian Islands


Looking for a great tour of Hawaii that is fun for the whole family and incredibly affordable? Look no further than a segway tour with Discover Hawaii Tours. Segway rentals in Hawaii are simple with Discover Hawaii Tours’ options. Just choose your tour and strap your helmet on. You’re off to discover the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands through this unique form of transportation!

Seway tours of Hawaii are unique, simply because of the scenery you come across as you cruise on your segway. If you’ve never been on a segway, never fear. Experienced segway tour guides will give you a quick lesson on the basics you need to know in order to operate the segway. Soon, you’ll be on your way! Here’s a brief overview of the fantastic segway tour choices you have with Discover Hawaiian Tours.

On the Waikiki and Diamond Head Segway Tour, you’ll be able to cruise through the South Beach neighborhood of Waikiki, where you can see some of the oldest hotels in Hawaii such as the Moana Surfrider and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. You’ll also be taken to the Diamond Head Crater lookout and lighthouse. This crater, thought to be about 200,000 years old, is an incredible example of a volcanic land formation. The brief volcanic burst that created the Diamond Head Crater probably lasted only a few days. The locals know this site as Le’ahi, named after the Hawaiian word for “tuna,” because from far away, the side of the crater resembles the fin of a tuna fish.

The Magic Island Glide Ride Segway Tours takes you on a unique road to Magic Island. With the Diamond Head Crater as your backdrop, you’ll glide past some grand sights: the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor is home to multi-million dollar yachts, and Ala Moana Beach Park is the place to find locals hanging out at the beach. You’ll feel like you belong on the island of Oahu—like you’ve found a home away from home—as you glide past these popular places on the island and see locals about their day to day activities. Be prepared to take pictures on this special tour, as you’ll glide right past Waikiki Beach, a beachside metropolis which just begs to be photographed.

For a tour that is even more magical, book a segway spot on the Sunset to Diamond Head Tour. This idyllic cruise through paradise is made even more beautiful as you reach your final destination of Diamond Head Crater, where you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset. This might be just the tour to enjoy with your sweetheart while staying on the Hawaiian Islands.

For something you and your sweetheart or you and the whole family can enjoy, even on a budget, check out the segway tours available through Discover Hawaii Tours. 

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