Is a Segway Tour of Hawaii Right for you?


Segways might not have caught on everywhere with everyone, but they have become a mainstay of tour offerings around the world, allowing many people who don’t have the physical mobility or range that would normally be required to enjoy an incredibly fun rolling tour of famous destinations. You can see Segways rolling down the bridge in Curacao, flocking near ‘The Bean’ in Chicago, and spinning circles around the Golden Gate Bridge in LA.

But we’re all about Hawaii here, and there are great Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Segway Big Island Tour options with Segways for all. So should you consider a Segway rental Hawaii, or is there a better option to consider? Here’s a quick guide.

Your group is young (at least in spirit!), healthy, and active in physical fitness.

You can absolutely take a Segway or Scooter Hawaii tour, and you might have a lot of fun! But if your group is all active people you can also definitely consider some of the hiking tours that Discover  Hawaii offers, like the Hidden Waterfall Eco Adventure Hike out of Waikiki. Segways do limit you to concrete paths—and if you really want to get into the Hawaiian rainforest and see some of the best hidden sites, you will want your own two feet!

Your group is a mixed bag

If, like many tour parties, your group has a mix of children, adults, and some who are a little older and more easily tired, Segways can be a great option. They put everyone on equal footing, and after a little training everyone can get around faster than you might think. Children enjoy it, adults quickly master it, and those who aren’t used to getting around so easily are often thrilled.

You have a set of specific sites that you want to see

If you have a wish list of sites around the island that you want to hit you should really consider traditional coach tours. Everyone can still get out and walk, but the van will provide a long rest period between. Segway tours will let you see a town or a few clustered landmarks, and they are a ton of fun, but be aware that a Segway tour does take a lot of the day and the range is more limited than that of a coach.


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