Secret Island: The Secret Lunch Stop on Our Oahu Eco Tour

What’s one main difference between our regular Oahu Circle Island Tours and the Full Day Oahu Circle Island Eco-Tour? The Secret Island. Our lunch stop at Secret Island is a scenic place to rest, eat lunch, swim in the ocean and play on the beach. And it’s a big difference, too! The regular circle island guests enjoy their fresh, local lunches on the water’s edge of a fishpond.
Secret Island is beautiful and serene, populated by native trees and tropical plants. As you walk through the thicket of trees (after a scenic boat ride, of course), our tour guests arrive at a quiet beachfront looking out to Chinaman’s Hat and beyond. This is where our eco-tour guests enjoy lunch, and they love it! More key points about our Circle Island Oahu Eco-Tour:
  • Mountain Waterfall Hike
  • No commercial stops
  • Naturalist eco-tour guide

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