What Animals Does Sea Life Park Have?


Sea Life Park is an amazing place to spend the day. This well-known aquarium destination in located in Waimanalo Oahu is perfect for families and couples looking to learn a bit more about the wildlife in the seas around Hawaii, or looking for an award winning after-dark luau. But what animals will you see during the day?

Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus)

Sea Lions are some of the most entertaining creatures at any aquarium. These large mammals are always eager to see people and love playing. At Sea Life Park you can even meet and greet them up close and receive a hug and very whiskery kiss! Get up close, swimming with the lions, and take pictures home!

Dolphins (Tursiops truncates and more!)

Of course you’ll see dolphins at Sea Life Park! These highly trained, extremely intelligent creatures have multiple Dolphin Cove show demonstrations to demonstrate their speed, power, smarts, and acrobatics. And for those who are up for it, there are several levels of dolphin swims, Sea Life Park pics, and interactions available, so check it out!


This is a creature you will only find at Sea Life Park! In 1986 a very special event occurred… a female bottlenose dolphin had a calf with a male false killer whale, creating the first wholphin to survive long term, named Kekaimalu. This hybrid creature is extremely rare and is still alive at Sea Life Park, along with its third calf Kawili Kai, which is three quarters bottlenose dolphin and extremely playful! Not many people in the world can claim to have seen a hybrid dolphin, and it isn’t something to miss!

Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas)
Green Sea Turtles, called Honu in Hawaiian, are an incredibly beautiful and precious creature that snorkelers frequently find basking in the warm Hawaiian waters. Get up close as trainers feed the turtle population at the park and see just how big and how gentle these amazing creatures are!

All sorts of Hawaiian birds

Sea Life Park plays an important role in rehabilitating injured, sick seabirds that are found on the islands. These creatures are carefully handled, fed, and given time and attention to heal before they are released. Those that can’t safely return to the wild, however, are kept at the park to help inform and impress visitors with their beauty and importance in the Hawaiian ecosystem.


The newest exhibit you will find is the Sea Life Park Shark Tank, a breathtaking 300,000 gallon aquarium home to a dozen species of native Hawaiian sharks all safely held behind heavy glass. Educational and interactive material is available for tourists, and the close up view of these wonderful and misunderstood predators is something you will never forget.



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