Four Important Segway Tour Tips You Should Keep In Mind


Hawaii is a tropical paradise full of culture, history, and adventure. Every year, people from all across the world choose it as their vacation destination. Segway tours Hawaii style are an especially popular form of tourism right now. What are Segway tours, you might ask? Segway tours are tours that are professionally guided for the purpose of cruising the Hawaiian Islands quickly and efficiently. They are hands down the best way to see the islands in a timely manner. If you are planning to scooter Hawaii, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

1. Selecting the Appropriate Tour Package- There are many different types of Segway tours available on the market right now. It would be impossible to experience them all during a single vacation, so ask yourself what sights you value most. The sky is the limit, and deciding which tour package is the ideal fit will go a long way in providing you with the perfect Hawaiian experience.

2. Follow Instructions- Discover Hawaii Tours puts special emphasis on the safety of their guests, and hires only the most professional of tour guides. These guides are prepared to answer any questions you may have along your journey, and are in charge of making certain your Segway tour of Hawaii is comfortable and enjoyable. Following their safety precautions and standards, and learn some of their tips, and you will make great strides in providing the best vacation experience possible.

3. Bringing the Right Apparel- Hawaii’s temperatures usually hover between 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep that in mind when planning your wardrobe for a Segway vacation. Clothing should be casual and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. All Discover Hawaii Tours Segway adventures require their guests to bring a reliable pair of sturdy shoes as well.

4. Use the Right Accessories:

Sunscreen/Sunglasses- The biggest mistake a Segway tourist can make is forgetting to bring along accessories that combat the sun’s effects. Sun burn is known to ruin trips, and sun glare can make viewing the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands very difficult. These simple solutions will make all the difference in providing a positive vacation experience overall.

Photography- What Hawaiian vacation could be complete without a camera? There will be so many unforgettable vacation moments along your Segway journey, so don’t be caught off guards! Bring along your camera/video recording devices and share the adventure with the people you love back home.

For more Segway related tips, tour packages and ideas, pay a visit to  -As the Islanders say, “Mahalo nui loa” or, “Thank you very much” and happy adventuring!

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