Santa One Cleared For Takeoff

The FAA has announced today that the flight plan for pilot Kris Kringle (a.k.a. Santa Clause) has been approved. According to the official blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation “Santa Claus has been flying accident-free for centuries, and today our FAA safety inspectors have cleared Santa One–the world’s only known reindeer-powered aircraft–to deliver presents to children around the world this year.”At this exciting time of year for children around the world it is really good to know that the department of transportation has been working closely with Santa to ensure he has a safe and successful trip around the world. Hawaiian must have been good this year as Santa has a stop scheduled here just after he leaves the mainland. Included on their blog are the details some of the equipment that the big guy has been developing and implementing over the years such as gumdrop-enhanced avionics, one of the benefits of Rudolph’s red nose, making the sleigh ten times brighter and easier to track. NextGen technology is also used by the North Pole International Airport making Santa’s flight safe and successful. The FAA will keep up with St. Nick using state of the art Candy Cane Satellite Surveillance-Broadcast, an By teaming up with the FAA Santa has improved his route, making this year his fastest and most efficient route to date. And Mrs. Clause has told the FAA that Santa will be well rested for his trip, will be buckled up, and will have his cell phone safely stored in a stocking out of reach for the duration of his trip.enhancement to the FAA’s satellite based system, the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system.While Santa is still making final preparations for his yearly round-the-earth trip, you can go over to NORAD to see what’s going on in the North Pole, and once Santa takes off on December 24 NORAD will begin tracking his progress. Using their advanced satellite tracking systems you’ll be able to see where the jolly fat guy is over the duration of his many-stop flight.  

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